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Our success is measured by the difference we make and what others say about that. Here are just a few of the results we have produced.


In 1988, Ford Motor Company recorded $1 billion in good automotive parts had been returned to the factory for warranty reimbursement. IVID conducted an extensive Needs Assessment, Task Analysis, and Gap Analysis and revamped Ford's technical training curriculum. Within 2 years, the warranty problem was eliminated and with aftermarket sales Ford's training department shifted to a profit center. IVID expanded the launch to Ford of Europe, Ford of Canada, and Ford of Mexico.

Over 150,000 people have completed the SelfHelpWorks 10-week, smoking cessation program since 2007. LivingFree™ has produced the highest documented, permanent success rate in the industry with a rescission rate less than 19%.

Since 2003, annual crash rates for 16-19 year olds who have completed the 40-hour ADEPT teen driver program were 70% lower than the of the national average, as measured independently by the California DMV and insurance providers. Research indicates that other driving programs have no measurable effect on crash reduction.

With IVID's 4-hour simulation-based eLearning, over 2,500+ financial services associates were retrained on an enterprise-wide system with just 4 days of floor-support from team leaders. Associates said was this was "the best training they had ever had!" IVID received an Outstanding Vendor award.

Since 2001, IVID has hosted learning portal websites for eleven national organizations. The daily uptime has exceeded 99.99% for each of the sites.

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Our focus is on the difference we make for individuals and organizations… but it is always nice to be acknowledged by our peers. The CINDY award (Cinema-In-Industry) is considered the "Oscar" in the business media industry.

Gold CINDY Awards
  • Infection Prevention and Control, Addison-Wesley
  • Scalable Data Warehouse, NCR
  • Performance, Pay and Policy, Ford Credit
  • Introduction to the XK8, Jaguar
  • Automatic Transmission Electronic Control, Ford
  • Manual Transmission and Transaxle, Ford
  • Automatic Transmission Diagnosis & Repair, Nissan
  • Orient Express, IVID Communications, Inc.
National Safety Council "Teen Driving
Safety Leadership Award"
  • 2012 Winner, teenSMART, ADEPT Driver

Toyota Outstanding Vendor Award
  • Document Management Solutions eLearning,
    Toyota Financial Services
Silver CINDY Awards
  • A World of Experience, SAIC
  • World Book Multimedia Encyclopedia, World Book
  • College Football Series, ABC Sports
  • Networks and Multiplexing, Ford
  • Base Engine Operation and Diagnosis, Ford
  • Automatic Transmission Hydraulic & Mechanical, Ford
  • Basic Automotive Electrical, Ford
  • Association Transmissions, Ford
  • Climate Control, Ford
  • IVID Sampler, IVID Communications, Inc.
Bronze CINDY Awards / Honorable Mentions
  • Visual Specifier, Steelcase
  • Automatic Transmissions, Nissan
  • Leadership I, Ford Credit
  • Basic Automotive Electronics, Ford
  • Automotive Brakes, Ford
  • Automotive Electronics, Ford
  • Electrical Systems, Ford
  • Touring SBTS, Ford (HM)
  • Air Conditioning, Caterpillar (HM)
  • Diesel Engines, Caterpillar (HM)
New Media/INVISION Awards
  • Silver, Road Runner High Speed Online, Time Warner
  • Silver, Climate Control, Ford Motor Company
The Global Awards
  • PCS®2 Operator Training, Haemonetics Corporation
World Book Multimedia Encyclopedia
  • FamilyPC Best Software for Kids
  • Fast Forward Technical Achievement Award
  • ComputerLife 5-Star Rating
  • Computer Times Editor's Award
  • PC World "A" rating